Buyer safety algorithms:

Comfortzoneonlinemall has not only developed proprietary software algorithms, but consistently updates these algorithms to automatically monitor data for patterns, to detect, and respond rapidly to potential risks and violations.

Community Reporting:

 We fully support our buyer(s) community to report any inappropriate or suspicious activity. To file a report send us an email or visit the ‘Contact Us’ page.

Trust and safety teams:

In addition to data driven algorithms and automated tools, Comfortzoneonlinemall has a large team, driven to protect the integrity of Comfortzoneonlinemall’s world of trade and commerce (the public market), by taking proactive steps in authorizing, investigating, and preventing any kind of inappropriate behaviour.

Buyer protection programme:

Comfortzoneonlinemall’s 100% buyer protection is guaranteed amongst the strongest in e-commerce. Any eligible item paid for in advance, and order doesn’t go as planned, you are 100% protected- immediately and stress –free.

Paystack services:

We at Comfortzoneonlinemall have set up Paystack payment system with safety in mind. When you pay with Paystack, we can easily and instantly offer you a refund if your order doesn’t arrive, are damaged or substantially different from what was described or displayed.

Merchant Quality Assurance:

Besides the data driven algorithms and automated tools, we have special teams, set up to tackle any inappropriate behaviour and track any illegitimate item/product and also investigate the genuine source of each item (manufactured, reproduce, replicated), as our items/products are of high quality and are reliable.

How to enhance your shopping experience on Comfortzoneonlinemall:
Find your preferred items by filtering search results

We have a developed an uninterrupted proprietary software algorithm that automatically monitors data for patterns and immediately detects potential risk and violations.

Inspect product details, ratings and reviews before you buy

By critically examining details and reviews, this can help prevent unexpected challenges and also confirm that an item/product meets your needs. Stronger ratings and reviews indicates a safer and more trustworthy product(s).

If you have doubts, outstanding questions or concerns, message us before you buy

If you have doubts, question(s) or concern(s) about a product/item, Comfortzoneonlinemall makes it easy for you to contact us. Before you buy just click the ‘Contact Us’ button.

Double-check/Verify the items in your order before paying:

Before you choose a payment method, make sure to check and recheck that your order contains the items and the right quantities you want.

Double-check/Verify your phone number and delivery address before paying:

Before you choose a payment method, recheck your contact details. Make sure you have the right information that can be used to contact you about your delivery/order.

Pay when you checkout to receive maximum protection:

When you pay at checkout, Comfortzoneonlinemall holds your and also offer protection in case of any contingency.

Check your email for message about your transaction:

After an order is placed, Comfortzoneonlinemall will send you an ‘Order Confirmation’ by email. Check for any information about your order.

If you choose pay on delivery [POD], pay only after you’ve received your order:

If you choose pay on delivery [POD], do not pay before your items are delivered. If you are asked to pay before delivery on a POD option/order, contact Comfortzoneonlinemall immediately at

After your order is delivered, be sure to rate and review:

After your item is successfully delivered, you can help other buyers stay safe and choose product(s) by rating and reviewing your transaction/experience.

Not every order goes perfectly all the time:

In the eventuality of such a case as stated above, Comfortzoneonlinemall have a remarkable tracking record. Most often than not, majority of the orders go successfully, but mistakes are sometimes bound to happen. In the rare event that things don’t go as planned, Comfortzoneonlinemall has its team working round the clock to make things right. To contact us email or call 08071764489.

If you pay online at checkout before delivery, Comfortzoneonlinemall can offer maximum protection:

Paying for your order in advance means you are covered by our Buyer Protection Programme. An advance payment (prepay) ensures that we hold your payment until you have had a chance to bring up any issues. When you prepay, Comfortzoneonlinemall can protect you 100% if things don’t go as planned.

Your feedback is important:

When you make an order, you trust the Comfortzoneonlinemall to deliver a quality product as described, and on time. Comfortzoneonlinemall makes it easy for you to scrutinize the item before you buy.  You are at will to go through the item’s description, and check how past buyers rate and review the item.

I appreciate Comfortzoneonlinemall’s effort on my behalf. What can I do to help?
We thank you for your transactions/business and we will continue to make sure Comfortzoneonlinemall remains the safest and most trusted place to buy online in Nigeria. You can help by:
  • Paying online at checkout when you place an order (so we can offer you maximum protection and help delivery couriers spend more time delivering and less time with cash/POS issues on delivery)
  • Making sure you are available by phone and in person to accept your delivery (so you and other members of our buyer community get orders delivered more quickly)
  • Providing honest ratings & reviews for all your items after delivery (so you and other members of our buyer community have more information about products and items)
  • Interacting with us on WhatsApp or Facebook (so we can hear your feedback and suggestions directly)
  • Referring us to your friends and family (so we can increase the size of our community and help more Nigerians experience safe & secure online shopping).
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