Comfortzoneonlinemall Authentic Items Policy

At Comfortzoneonlinemall, we adhere strictly to authenticity, durability and reliability and this is because we believe that people are entitled to an easy and comfortable online shopping, and as such we ensure that all our items are authorized, validated (manufactured, reproduced or replicated) and authentic. Merchandise with a company’s brand name or logo must be lawfully made by, for, or with the permission of the said company, and failure to do so by the vendor is a breach of Comfortzoneonlinemall’s Authenticity Policy Contract (Authentic Items Policy). 
Comfortzoneonlinemall does not permit the sale of fake/illegitimate items.
Comfortzoneonlinemall is a fast-growing platform for online buying in Nigeria, and we pledge to put the safety and trust of the people and the world of commerce and trade (public market) first and foremost. It is our responsibility to guarantee that our items/products are authentic and kosher. We strive to maintain a keen eye on items/products to enable us probe and prevent fake/unauthenticated/ingenuine products from reaching our market place, and for this reason, we are solidly behind the products sold on our site with our 100% Buyer Protection Programme.

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